Colonial Cool

We’re excited to introduce Sloane Collections to the blog. Each month, we’ll pull together our favourite products and publish them here, with tips on how to conjure up a mood or theme with a few select pieces and lots of vision.

Lately, we’ve been drawn to the rich mix of culture and tradition found in colonial-inspired interiors. The colonial trend evokes the romantic mood of early travel during the days of the British Empire, when trading posts were decorated in traditional British styles with a local twist. The mix of exotic adventure and British formality creates an aesthetic that is relaxed yet elegant, with beautifully crafted pieces made from natural materials – think: textures of rattan, furniture made from bamboo, tropical plants and soft leather upholstery.

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite products that we use in client projects to recreate a similar look, from coffee tables to wallpaper and more. Shop the collection here.

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